philhardaker.com is Phil Hardaker. The subject of this site is web development.

I’ve been building business web applications since 1996 in San Francisco. This site is for demonstrating web technology I am currently interested in. I am a generalist. There is python3, flask, static site generators, CSS3 templating, even some php7 and Wordpress.

I am spending most of the year in SE Asia, so far Saigon and Bangkok. Photos and observations as an expat are posted at Absorbing.asia.

Recommendations and reviews are my honest opinion of products and services that I have used, and there is no advertising or affiliate arrangements for anything on this site.

Overlooking Vũng Tàu
Kata Beach, Phuket


This static website is generated offline with a python3 program that combines templates built on the Bulma CSS3 library with Fontawesome and Googlefonts. Markdown text is entered into pages using Atom and compiled to HTML with Mistune. Code example syntax coloring with Hilite.me. Some javascript for UI enhancement is provided by tiny Zepto.js. Photos are compressed on tinyjpg.com. Contact form data collection: Formcarry. Debug and editing on Visual Studio Code and Pycharm. Git code repo is on Bitbucket, and deployed from there to Netlify who provide CDN. It's fast, huh?!


Contacting through this form is best as it will forward to my email. Feel free to comment or ask a question. I like to get mail!

Vine on Phuket street