Homebrew for the Mac

Homebrew is a software package manager for the Mac. After installing the manager, many utility programs can be installed from the repository.


At the Homebrew website http://brew.sh, copy and paste the long Ruby command into a shell.

Get started with the essential cowsay. Install and check it:

brew install cowsay
cowsay This cow like brew!

Show the packages you have installed:

brew list

See more command arguments:


Here are some packages I have installed, and hundreds are available. macOS comes preinstalled with python and ruby, but brew will get you the latest versions in your /usr/local/bin. Brew is much easier than downloading from official websites.

  • brew install vim
  • brew install python
  • brew install python3
  • brew install ruby
  • brew install node
  • brew install mariadb
  • brew install mongodb
  • brew install sqlite
  • brew install unison
  • brew install youtube-dl